Warranty Policies


Terms and Conditions

This limited warranty applies to the original purchaser of any new tire sold by Imalco. Eligible tires shall be used on the vehicle on which they were originally installed according to the vehicle manufacturer’s or IMALCO’s recommendation. This warranty applies if all following qualification requirements are met:

  • The tire was purchased within a year from the date it is reported.
  • The owner shall submit warranty invoice which records the purchasing & vehicle information.
  • The tire is a size, load rating and speed rating equal to or greater than that recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • The tire has not become unserviceable due to a condition listed under WHAT IS NOT COVERED.


In order to be eligible for Imalco’s limited warranty program, the owner must observe the following:

  • Present the tire to an Imalco branch in the State of Doha-Qatar.
  • Submit or present a copy of the original purchase receipt.
  • Observing safety warnings, maintain proper inflation pressure, maintain vehicle alignment and tire rotation, expected tire performance or life may not be achieved and your safety cannot be ensured.


This warranty, or any warranty stated or referred to herein, is exclusive and in lieu of any other warranty regarding the quality of Imalco sold tires, whether expressed or implied and remedies for breach thereof shall be limited to those specifically provided herein. Any warranty of merchantability of fitness for any particular purpose, if made, is limited in duration to the effective time period of this limited warranty.

Additional Information or Customer Service

If you have any question on product warranty, please first contact us on 4441 8030 – 55882540 or write to us info@imalco.com.


Should any tire covered by this limited warranty become unusable due to a workmanship or material related condition during its usable tread life (more than 1.6mm remaining tread), Imalco will give a credit on the following conditions:

During the first 1mm of the original usable tread and one year from date of purchase: Tire will be replaced with a comparable new Imalco tire free of charge, including mounting and balancing charges. Applicable taxes on the new tire and cost of any other charges in connection with the replacement of the tire are required to be paid by the owner.

After the first 1mm of the original usable tread is worn out/used. Adjustment will be made on a pro-rata basis, calculated on remaining usable tread depth (usable minimum tread depth is 1.6mm in passenger car tires & 3.2mm in light truck and above


This limited warranty does not apply to tires which are being serviced under the following conditions:

  • Willful Abuse / Collision / Wreck / Fire.
  • Any repair voids this Limited Warranty.
  • Continued use while flat or severe under/over inflation.
  • Road Hazards including without limitation, puncture, cut, impact break, stone drill, bruise, bulge, snag, collision.
  • Premature / irregular wear due to vehicle mechanical reason.
  • Conditions resulting from without limitation, improper mounting/ demounting, under inflation, improper tire size, improper repair, defect in vehicle, abuse.
  • Ozone or weather cracking on tires over 4 years old from the date of manufacture.
  • Ride disturbance or vibration complaints after 2mm tread wear.
  • With tread depth of 1.6mm or less remaining depth.
  • With the DOT number cut or buffed.
  • Racing & off road use and Misapplication.
  • Loss of time or use, inconvenience or any incidental or consequential damage.
  • Used in commercial service, excluding truck & bus tires.

Battery Warranty Policies

Terms and Conditions


IMALCO warrants that the goods supplied to an original purchaser will be free from defects for the applicable Warranty Period and Applications set out below subject to the terms and conditions stated herein. All benefits under this warranty are additional to other rights and remedies under the applicable law.

You are entitled to a replacement for any major failures of the battery.  You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. 


If IMALCO (itself or through a reseller) finds on examination that the battery is defective due to faulty manufacturing and is within the specified warranty period, then the battery will be replaced with an equivalent battery free of charge.

The warranty period is not renewed or extended as a result of this replacement subject to your rights under the Qatar Consumer Law. This warranty covers batteries that become unusable or unserviceable due to defects in material and/or workmanship. Warranty period commences from date of original purchase up to a 12 months period.


This warranty covers the product ranges listed, provided that they are sized properly and used in the Application for which it was intended and charged with an approved charging profile. This warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the goods. Proof of purchase and return of good(s) in question must accompany any request for warranty. No exceptions will be accepted.

This warranty does not apply to batteries that break or fail due to abuse or neglect such as:

  • Incorrect or under specified battery type fitted to vehicle/application.
  • Charge system problem/incorrect charging creating an over-charge or under-charge situation.
  • Prolonged storage of the car or very minimal use.
  • Deep discharge applications (heavy accessory loads etc).
  • Electrical faults, Shorts, excessive loads and loose wiring
  • Damage to the battery caused by the consumer or other in-car and/or application fault.
  • Any battery modifications such as acid additives, lead terminal changes, or any other contaminates.

To verify a warranty claim, the battery must be fully charged prior to adjudication. A flat (discharged) or sulphated battery is not considered to be a manufacturing defect and is not covered under this warranty.

If the battery fails during the warranty period, you can return the battery to the place of purchase with your original proof of purchase receipt and the original warranty card. The battery will then be tested as per the IMALCO Test Procedure. You must bear any expense you may incur in making the claim (other than our costs of remedying the defect the subject of this warranty).

Note: The charging specification for lead acid battery is at 14.1 volts or 14.3 volts for 12 volts automotive charging system. Non-compliance of this charging requirement will render this warranty void.

The warranty excludes:

a) Products offered as part of a promotion / complimentary gift / goodwill claim.

b) Battery salvageable by recharging.

c) Labour involving removal and replacement of battery.

This warranty is ONLY applicable in the country of purchase




These safety instructions are to be observed when handling the battery. When working on the battery, start by reading the vehicle’s operating manual and follow the guidelines it sets out. Keep these safety instructions with the vehicle’s operating manual.

Installation should only be done by suitably qualified and trained personnel.

Ensure that the new battery is a suitable replacement, verify the specifications including the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and the Reserve Capacity.

Installing the incorrect battery and incorrect vehicle programming may void the battery warranty and potentially damage the vehicle. Fitting new batteries to certain vehicles requires the OBD (Electronic Codes) error codes to be reset and the new battery be registered on the vehicle so full functionality can be regained on the vehicle. The internal car systems such as airbags, sensors and other comfort functions may require recalibrating.

For such cars it is advisable to let the battery replacement be handled by a professional workshop.


If acid comes into contact with the eyes, rinse for several minutes with clear water before seeking immediate medical attention. If acid is swallowed, consult a doctor immediately. Should acid get on skin or clothing, neutralize straight away using soapsuds or an acid neutralizer and then rinse thoroughly with water.


  • Prohibit smoking and naked flames in the vicinity of the battery.
  • Do not wear metallic objects, such as jewellery, while working on batteries.
  • Insulated tools, safety glasses, electrically insulated gloves, protective apron and safety shoes, are appropriate for the installation.
  • Eye wash facility within the vicinity for rinsing eyes and skin in case of contact with acid electrolyte.
  • Utilize Lifting devices of adequate capacity, when required.


NB: Interruptions to the power supply may cause electrical devices to malfunction.

  • Only install batteries that have been sufficiently charged with a minimum terminal voltage of 12.5V.
  • Switch off the engine and all electrical devices prior to removing the battery.
  • When removing the battery:
    1. Disconnect the negative terminal before the positive terminal.
    2. Never lift a battery by the terminal posts.
    3. Always lift the battery by the bottom or by the handles.
    4. Take care when handling the battery as it is heavy and may require two people to safely remove.
  • The old battery may be contaminated with residual sulphuric acid.
  • Check the battery compartment for corrosion. Also thoroughly inspect the brackets for rust and damage. Clean the battery compartment and repair as necessary. Corrosion in the area of the battery can indicate leaked battery acid. In this case a workshop should investigate the reason for this.
  • Clean the battery terminals and terminal connectors, as this causes increased contact resistance.
  • Take parts such as terminal covers and the terminal clamp holder from the previous battery, inspect for damage and connect as before. Replace if needed.
  • Take care that the battery is properly seated on installation. Tighten the hold-down clamps with a torque wrench. The correct torque can be found in the vehicle manual.
  • When installing the battery, connect the positive terminal before the negative terminal. Ensure that the terminal clamps are firmly fitted in order to eliminate contact interruptions due to vibrations.
  • If applicable, ensure that the battery vent tube is not damaged and has been reinserted into the battery vent outlet.
  • Recalibrate vehicle as per vehicle manufacturer’s instructions.